GrapeStomp Official Rules

‘Order of the Purple Foot’ 

Grape Stomping Competition Rules 

How Does the Stomp Take Place?

1. There are three flights of 20 couples per day.

2. Upon arrival, each couple will be pre-assigned a Flight number (i.e. A, B, C) & a Barrel number (1 – 25)

3. Each couple will be given a bucket of 8 pounds of grapes, 2 collection bottles, & a barrel scraper.

4. When the Flight is announced, each couple lines up behind their assigned and numbered stomping barrel. Upon command, the collector lifts the bucket and dumps some grapes into the barrel for stomping. You determine how many grapes to place in the barrel from the bucket and when to add more. You get only 1 bucket of grapes.

5. Once all participants are ready, on signal, the stomper steps into the barrel and starts stomping.

6. The collector uses the issued scraper to keep the inside screen clear so that the juice can exit the hose into the bottle.

7. All bottle contents must enter the bottle through the hose from the barrel.

8. During the stomping (10 minutes), the collector may add as many grapes as desired, from the bucket of grapes provided.

9. If the collection bottle gets full or begins to spill, use the 2nd collection bottle.

10. On signal, all stompers and collectors cease work.

11. The collector takes the bottle(s) of grape juice and line up at the weigh-in table. Stompers go to the water hose and rinse off. Our helpers will point you in the right direction.

12. At the end of each stomp, the bottle(s) will be wiped clean and weighed to determine the amount of juice produced.

13. The weight will be posted on the “Stomp Board” for each couple. 
14. 1st , 2nd and 3rd place winners will be announced at the end of each day’s competition.

15. One grand’ prize will go to the one overall “couple” winner from the four days of grape stomping. In addition, their names will be engraved on a permanent plaque which is displayed proudly in the tasting room.

16. The overall winner of the Grape Stomp competition will be announced via email and on the website on August 20th. The overall Winner of the Stomp will be notified by telephone.

17. One person is designated the stomper and the other the collector. No switching can occur once the stomping has commenced

18. Stompers cannot sit on the edge of the barrel

19. No touching or leaning on your partner. Use the railing provided.

20. Grapes must be crushed only by the stomper’s feet.

This is for your safety and the safety of others

  • No lifting up the barrel, either by your hands or feet, or by leaning your body forward, to force juice to exit hole. If this occurs, you will be immediately disqualified! 
  • Once juice starts flowing, the bottom of the barrel is very slick. Please hold onto the handrails. 
  • No kicking or flicking of grape juice via hands or feet onto anyone from the half barrels during or after the stomp. (Trash the Dress or Rock the Frock is excluded!). 
  • You cannot fill your collection jugs with anything other than grape juice flowing out of the barrel. Any attempts to increase volume of juice via water, wine, spit or any other liquid will be immediately disqualified!

‘Order of the Purple Foot’ 

Frequently Asked Questions 

We promise that we didn’t make these things up because 
they have truly been asked over the years!

Q: Can I bring family/friends/Fido to watch?
A: No Dogs Please – we don’t have pooper scoopers on site! Bringing two-legged friends or family to watch is fine, but note that the chairs, tables, food and wine is for paying Stomp competitors ONLY! Please don’t bring your family and/or friends and expect there to be enough as we order just enough to seat and feed only those that have paid to compete. If you feel you can’t say ‘no’ and wish to purchase additional food, you must notify us at the time of your registration. There is no extra food on site except for Boars Head cheese and sausage deli, OR you may purchase the following Add-ons via the Grape Stomp Registration page.

Additional Adult Lunch for $10/pp + tax
Includes lunch only. Does NOT include drink tickets or DCCV logoed glass.

Additional Adult Combo Lunch for $22/pp: + tax.
Includes lunch, 2 drink tickets per person, and one keepsake DCCV logoed glassware per person.

Q: How many guests can I bring?
A: You are limited to one (1) extra quest per couple. Remember seating is limited and will be reserved first for paying participants. Also, there is no extra food on site except for Boars Head cheese and sausage deli, OR you may purchase lunch Add-ons via the Grape Stomp Registration page.

Q: Do I have to step on the grapes?
A: What is about the words ‘grape stomp’ that you don’t understand.

Q: Isn’t washing your feet before stomping required?
A: No. That’s half the fun and the grapes don’t care. However, keep in mind that spectators will observe your feet in their bareness, so you might want to trim those nails.

Q: Doesn’t the grape juice stain your feet for several weeks?
A: No, it’s a figment of your imagination, but if it did, in some cultures foot staining is considered a beauty embellishment.

Q: Do you use the juice that is stomped to make the wine?
A: No. The health department would shut us down!

Q: How soon after the stomp is the ‘foot pressed’ wine ready for purchase?
A: We make every effort to have the wine bottled by Christmas. We will send out email notifications to everyone about the availability and purchase price of the wine.

Q: As a participant do I receive a ‘complimentary’ bottle of Foot Pressed Wine?
A: All participants will be notified of the availability of the wine and be offered special discounts on the wine. No bottles of Foot Pressed Red are complimentary.

Q: How do I make sure that the other couples that came with us get to stomp in the same
A: Please give us their names upon registration and we will make every effort to have you stomping together but if you’re not, count on making new friends.

Q: What if we’re late arriving?
A: Well that’s your problem. We will attempt to put you in a stomping flight but we will not deviate from our time schedule. Leave early to get here on time!

Q: What do I wear to the Stomp?
A: Pretty much anything goes that covers pertinent body parts! Stomping is serious business and red grape juice tends to stain fabric. We are not libel for clothes or any other personal items that have polka dot effects after you stomp.

Q: What do I do with my personal items during the Stomp?
A: We’re in rural Texas for gosh sakes. There is no Valet, Concierge, or personal assistants to tend your personal items, so leave them at home….that is except your hard earned cash which will fit, when folded neatly, in your pocket.

Q: What type of food is served? Can I order something different?
A: We will be serving locally-made tacos of beef, chicken and bean along with toppings like lettuce, diced tomato, cheese and salsa. Chips, salsa and dessert top it off. Due to the need to pre-order the volume of food to be served, we cannot accommodate special
dietary needs. Remember, any quests for which a lunch was not ordered, there is no ability for us to accommodate them on the day of the event with food. We do have on site Boars Head cheese and sausage deli, OR you may purchase lunch Add-ons via the Grape Stomp Registration page.

Q: I’m a non-drinker, are there other drinks? Is there water or soda available for my kids?
A: If you are a registered participant, your drink ticket will get you one bottled soda or one glass of non-reserve wine/sangria. There will be sodas available for purchase at the Tasting Room Bar.

Q: May I purchase another glass of wine/sangria, bottle of wine during the event?
A: Absolutely, that’s what your hard earned cash is used for that you’re keeping in your pocket! We aim to please. We will be offering discount glasses and bottles of wine (excluding Port) to event participants only so bring your green backs.

Q: What wine discounts will be offered during the event?
A: If we tell you now, then our trade secret will be known. Event discounts will be posted throughout the winery during the event.

Q: What is the secret to getting the most juice from the grapes?
A: Well, our winemaker uses a grape press machine that has a greater surface area for pressing than the average human feet attached to the Stomper. There are many myths circulating, one of which involves securing a web-toed Stomping partner. Frankly we’ve seen so many strategies implemented over the years that we’re convinced that the winners are winners out of sheer luck!

Q: What happens if I don’t register in time or the date I want to stomp is filled? Is there a ‘waiting list’? 
A: If the date you wish to stomp is full, and there is not an alternative date that is available or convenient for you, you will be placed on the waiting list. If a slot opens up on the date you designate to stomp, you will be contacted. Waiting list backfills are based on the date of the registration form. Thus those that have a more recent date will be selected for the backfill slot first (e.g. July  th registration will be picked before a July 8th registration)

Q: What if I need to cancel? What is the cancellation policy?
A: On or before July 22, 2016, there is a full refund on all items. This means we must be notified on or before July 22nd  If you wish to keep your T-Shirts and/or glasses, these will be charged as separate line  After July 22nd, there are no refunds on any items as all items have been preordered. Items ($4.00 per glass and/or $10.00 per T-Shirt) as we will reverse the entire original charge. You can arrange to pick up these items after the event and must contact us to make arrangements to do so. Participants may pick up their T-Shirts and glasses after the event and must contact us to make arrangements to do so. We will not mail any items.

Any individuals/couples that NO SHOW will not receive any refunds on any items. Participants may pick up their T-Shirts and glasses after the event and must contact us to make arrangements to do so. We will not mail any items.